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LOL player, "MakNooN" Yoon, Ha Un leaves Najin Sword

RGN on 2013-05-29

"MakNooN" Yoon, Ha Un leaves Najin Sword


Top laner of Najin Sword, Yoon Ha Un is leaving KOREA (R. OF)Najin Sword due to the end of the contract term. 

KOREA (R. OF)Najin e-mFire Gaming team has announced that they both have agreed not to renew the contract ending May 29, 2013.  

The team added commented

"It is not easy to let Yoon leave the team as he is the top player of team, but we've decided for him to have brighter future and we request our fans to keep cheering Yoon's future."


Najin's head coach, Park, Jung Seok said

"I and Yoon had an in depth conversation about this and we have came this conclusion and to respect Yoon. The team will provide him with the full support for his new start and we wish him all the best for all his new paths."




On the other hand, Yoon, Ha Un has expressed his feelings


"I'm sorry to fans for this sudden decision, please, keep cheering me for my new venture."


Najis Sword will replace his position with Jung, In Chul who has been recruited last May the 7th for the rest of the season for NLB Dialeague.

Please, refer to the official statement from Najin e-mFire on the player roster replacement of Najin "e-mFire"

Najin sword top laner, Maknoon Yoon, Ha Un is leaving the team without renewing the contract.

He is the top LOL player in the league, and his capability and popularity will not easily caught up by other LOL players. But, we both agreed not to renew the contract, and look for his new future. His new venture will be announced separately.

There will be changes after his departureand it will be announced before the summer season. Jung, In Chul will be replacing Maknoon for the rest of the NLB Dia league season. But, it is temporary.

The team is officially announcing that we feel sorry to let Maknoon leave the team as he is the top player of LOL and the founding member of our team. But, we've come to conclusion that the team has to support his new future, and ask for our fans to keep cheering him. 

Thanks always to our fans for your passionate supports.



Source: Inven


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