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Vietnamese 1st.VN issues challenge to Dreamz.Dota

Nic on 2013-06-02

Vietnamese 1st.VN issues challenge to Dreamz.Dota


Just weeks after multiple develpment from PHILIPPINESDreamz.Dota, another event is set to happen as the famous Vietnamese team VIET NAM1st.Vietnam|CyberPink has announced a public challange against them.


The announcement was seen in PewPew E-Sports Caster facebook page. The challenge stated that VIET NAM1st.VN|CyberPink would like to have scrim against PHILIPPINESDreamz and will have a bet of 100 Dota 2 treasure keys.

(Note: Treasure Keys serve as the primary currency in Dota 2 that can be use in different trades in the market)


Prior to this challenge, Dreamz.Dota was also challenged by SINGAPORENetolic.SG moments after Dreamz got their replacement invite to compete in 'The International 3' Eastern Qualifiers.


Statement from 'VIET NAM'1st.VN|CP.Misa.Gigabite':


"Hey u guys! i'm from CyberPink. I just wanna make a scrim with Dreamz Team, bet 100 keys Bo3 for this match.
If u guys agree, we will play on 9-6, it means the next sunday. Let tell me what time u can play. tks


Wait for Dreamz to answer the call!"


Dreamz recently has undergone major development with the departure of their key player PHILIPPINESJulius 'Julz' Deleon and long time carry PHILIPPINESJoshua Aaron 'Owey' Dee. At the moment, there is still no official announcement coming from PHILIPPINESBigDogJ on who will replace Julz and Owey on the team.


 PHILIPPINESJulz and PHILIPPINESOwey together with their former team, PHILIPPINESDreamz.Dota



Dreamz Roster:


PHILIPPINESHiroshi 'Yosh' Yoshimoto

PHILIPPINESPatrick 'Jyc' Pascua




For future updates on this topic, be sure to stay tuned to Rapture Gaming Network.


Source: Pewpew fan page


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