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Winter: “IceIceIce could be best off-lane player in the world”

Nic on 2013-03-26

Winter: “IceIceIce could be best off-lane player in the world”




Considered to be one of the most resilient teams from Asia, the new MALAYSIAMuFC roster got off to a good start after their reformation, claiming multiple titles such as GEST February by beating Mushi and MALAYSIANeolution.Orange.


On the back of mountainous expectations from fans and followers alike, MALAYSIAMuFC shockingly lost in Phase 2 of the G-1 league against mid-tier Chinese team, CHINARattleSnake. Right after the game, RGN managed to sit down with MALAYSIAMuFC's captain, Winter and manager, Chinyi Chen.


RGN: Given that you have been a pro player for quite a while, what were your parents’ views towards your career choice?

Winter:  They are ok with what I am doing for now but they still prefer for me to have a stable job and career so that I can start my own family.


RGN: Do you think that'll be possible in the near future for you, and if so, in what specific field?

Winter:  Working for their company maybe - my parents have their own accounting firm. Maybe I’ll be doing something that is related to my degree.


RGN: Accounting is a great field. This next question is for Chinyi. Aside from managing MALAYSIAMuFC, is there anything else keeping you busy at the moment?

Chinyi: I'm starting my studies this coming April but it won't affect my ability to manage MuFC as usual.


RGN: What will you be pursuing?

Chinyi: Business Studies.




RGN: Wonderful! Hopefully to grow MALAYSIAMuFC even further?

Chinyi: Haha yeah. Hope I can do more, with the help from Winter! *grins*


RGN: Okay for Chinyi again, why did you pick Winter for the new MALAYSIAMuFC line-up?

Chinyi: We actually approached Winter to reform our DOTA 2 team right after G-League. He is well-known for his drafting ability and is a great team captain as well. We always needed someone like him to play for our team. Besides that, his experience and knowledge really stood out for us.


RGN: Winter, do you think being a former chess pro helps you in terms of decision making for DOTA 2?

Winter: Yea it does! It helps me think ahead of the game, of what is to come, in order make better decisions.


RGN: Okay Winter, did Chinyi let you select the other members?

Winter:  Yea! I decided the roster mainly with tfg (TooFuckingGood).


RGN: Do you have any player in mind that you’ll be getting?

Winter: No, we can't reveal that, you will have to wait for our official announcement.

Chinyi:  *grins*


RGN: Do let us be the first to know. Who do you think in SEA plays their best position?

Winter: Off-Lane, IceIceIce could be best in the world. The best fifth position player is Net.




RGN: How about hontrashplayer? He is already on that level, I think, with pro carry players.

Winter: No! He still has lots of work to do.


RGN: Okay Chinyi, this is for you - what are the expectations for the new MALAYSIAMuFC roster?

Chinyi: Play well in every tournament! That's our aim.


RGN: Oh! Isn't that the goal for every team? Moving on Chinyi, what do you see are the new MALAYSIAMuFC's strengths and weaknesses at the moment?

Chinyi: It's pretty hard to describe the strengths and weaknesses at this moment as we have been together for only 1 month and there are a lot of things for us to figure out and improve.


RGN: Okay, with regard to your earlier defeat to CHINARattlesnake, what do you think was the biggest reason why you lost?

Chinyi: Our roster is not officially complete yet. I think that's the biggest factor. We are still in the process of assessing our trialists.


RGN: Winter, apart from Chinese teams, who do you think are the top 3 teams in the scene at the moment?

Winter: It’s hard to tell now but I would go with SINGAPOREZenith and MALAYSIAOrange. The third team would be one of these: RUSSIAEmpire/SWEEDENNTH/UKRAINENa`Vi/euroFnactic.EU.


RGN: Oh the Europeans! Talking about them, what do you think they need to do to have better performances at The International 3?

Winter: Everyone has work to do! Not only them.


RGN: What do you think about UKRAINENa`Vi’s plan to boot-camp in China?

Winter: It could work both ways - Chinese teams/SEA teams understand more about them and they gain more info about us, vice versa.


RGN: Do you think that by staying in china, there is a chance that they'll be joining SEA tournaments?

Winter: I don’t know, maybe it will happen.


RGN: Any upcoming tournaments that your fans can expect you to compete in, in the days to come?

Winter: We are going to take a break to resolve some issues that we are facing now. We will take some time off tournaments till we are ready.


RGN: So, any final words to your fans?

Winter: Thanks for supporting us through our ups and downs!


MALAYSIAMuFC will be on a break to fix internal issues within the team. Nevertheless, the team’s dedication towards the game is undoubtedly high and we wish them all the best.


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  1. gravatar

    sure iceiceice is the best offlane player , he is the best troller beside sing sing :p

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    Zenith vs Mufc would be fun and interesting

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    Mufc has the best Stats in sea Right now

  4. gravatar

    Still got to prove theirselves in the LAN scene

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