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Kaipi acquires EternalEnvy

Nic on 2013-03-22

Kaipi acquires EternalEnvy


(EternalEnvy pictured in the middle)


The former captain of SWEEDENNoTideHunter, Jacky ‘EnternalEnvy’ Mao, has announced that he will be joining the European team euroKaipi.  After his departure from SWEEDENNoTideHunter, he announced that he would be holding open tryouts for a new team but unfortunately things did not seem to work out as planned. Instead, he will start a new chapter in his career as a member of euroKaipi and will be taking on the role of carry.


euroKaipi has undergone a lot of roster changes lately but that did not seem to bother them. With Max ‘qojqva’ Broecker leaving the team and deciding to join GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mousesports, euroKaipi was left with a four man roster and EternalEnvy will henceforth fill the empty-spot for them.


Kaipi’s Current Roster:

Zizou (Captain)








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