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The Premier League - Season 5 - Mousesports on a roll. Wins Alliance to take 1st place in The Reaver Cup.

ZOMGSHOX on 2013-06-03

GEORGIA Mousesports were able to stop SWEEDEN Alliance in their tracks by beating them 2-1 in the finals. This being the second cup of TPL Season 5, GEORGIA Mousesports earns themselves 100 points in the League Standings which brings them to a total of 130 points, making them the leader of the chart. USAEvil Geniuses is not that far off as they are down by 30. 


Unfortunately, SWEEDEN Loda was not able to participate in the final games of the cup. Therfore, a stand-in took over, SWEEDEN Johan "smulgullig" Gidmarka for SWEEDEN Alliance



League Standings

GEORGIA Mousesports 130
USA Evil Geniuses 100
RUSSIA Virtus.Pro 50
SWEEDEN Alliance 50
 Fnatic 0
RUSSIA Rox.Kis 0
 Kaipi 0


This brings in a question, is SWEEDEN Loda the main factor for SWEEDEN Alliance? Or, is GEORGIA Mousesports getting better and better ever since winning The Western Qualifier for The International?


The 3rd-4th place match is postponed and will be played on Thursday, 21:00 CET.


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(Written by: ZOMGSHOX)

Source: The Premier League (Official Website)


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