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Ars-Art fills in for Virtus.Pro

Warturtle on 2013-03-24

Ars-Art fills in for Virtus.Pro


After booting their off-laner Santa, RUSSIAVirtus.Pro has now found a temporary fifth player, who is none other the Ars-Art, the former UKRAINENa’Vi player.


RUSSIAVirtus.Pro made a bold decision to boot their off-laner Santa from their roster after his poor performances during the past few months which forced them to look for a replacement. The decision came after the team’s loss to SWEEDENNoTidehunter in The Premier League.


The following statement was made by NS :


All I read now is "NS is a liar, promised to keep the same roster, and then kicks player", "NS destroyed the team" and such nonsense. I admit (that) I (recently) wrote that we won't change the roster and we'll continue to play and improve with the same lineup (that) we have (and) that everything is good as it is. Yes, I made it sound like everything is good where in fact it wasn't honestly as good but what I wrote is what I, personally, believed. I believed that everything will be fine and till the last moment denied what I was being (told) persistently by fairly experienced people for a long period of time.



What just happened is an emergency measure that I tried to avoid at all cost but failed to. You should realize that this team is a part of me. Personally, I have invested much more time and effort in it than, I think, I have ever invested in any other team. I may be the man who is least interested in harming this team and I was the one who kept this roster together in spite of all (differing) advice.


It's fairly disgusting to read all the disrespectful comments targeted either at me, (the) team or (the) organization. Think of DOTA as a sport, only the strongest survive here, and here both players and the organization have their goals. If anyone can't keep pace or meet requirements anymore, he leaves the ship. It's absolutely (a) natural way of things as they say, "Nothing personal, just business". It was a hard decision, because Santa is my old buddy, one of those I played with most of time with. He's a good man and I hope that he will be successful in future.


RUSSIAVirtus.Pro will be seen in upcoming tournaments like The Defense Grand Finals, EMS One, Dreamhack Invitational, and RaidCall D2L. For now, RUSSIAVirtus.Pro has found a temporary fifth in Ars-Art. Ars-Art too was booted out from UKRAINENa’Vi recently and his stay in RUSSIAVirtus.Pro will depend on the current performance of the team.


Virtus.Pro Roster:


Yaroslav 'NS' Kuznetsov

Sergei 'KSi' Kuzin

Oleg 'Crazy' Kolesnichenko

Ilya 'Airman' Pivtsaev

Sergey 'Ars-Art' Revin (Temporary)


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  1. gravatar

    Its pretty Normal to loose with NoTidehunter cause they have all the advantage @ that moment like the ping and the cooperation

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