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VortiX and Lucifron join mousesports

Avarice on 2013-06-02

VortiX and Lucifron join mousesports


Mousesports have announced the additions of fraternal duo Pedro "LucifroN" Moreno Duran and Juan "VortiX" Moreno Duran to their SC2 roster.


The brothers themselves, looking happy as hell with their latest pickup by mousesports.


After several negotiations with other teams and organizations, the Spanish brothers have left their long-time team Karont3 Esports Club to sign on with mousesports, ending a year-and-a-halfpartnership with the former.

They will join mousesports prolific roster, comprising of well known players such as Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz and "HasuObs" Schneider, and resident members Gabriel "HeroMarina" Segat, Chris "Illusion" Lee and Dan "hOpe" Gustafsson.

Both LucifroN and VortiX have a vast and respectable reputation in the European e-sports scene, the most notable of which was there performance at the  Battle.Net European Championships in 2012, where VortiX finished second and LucifroN third.


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