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LGD. Ruru says, "I hope we can join more EU and NA tournaments!"

ZOMGSHOX on 2013-06-03



Behind every Man, there is a Woman. In this case, its CHINA LGD Gaming. On a recent interview made by GodBlessMali, CHINA LGD.Ruru expressed her thoughts competing in more tournaments internationally:


I hope we can join more EU/NA tournaments in the future, and also look forward to work with some Western sponsors. However, we cannot attend without covering the travel costs, that’s too expensive for us. We will slowly build up the interface to foreign medias, and we do care about communication with international fans. Na’Vi is the leader in this particular field, we will learn from them.

- Quoted by CHINA LGD.Ruru, Manager of CHINA LGD Gaming 


That being said, we can likely see Chinese teams moving outside of China to gain more exposure and practice with the Western/European teams. Not to forget, when teams like UKRAINE Na'Vi are proceeding to bootcamp in China and SWEEDEN Alliance stomping through the Chinese teams in The G-1 Champions League Season 5, its no surprise the Chinese teams would feel threatened.

For the full interview, click on this link:


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(Written by: ZOMGSHOX)



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