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A New Alliance: Kickers Domination United

Reuben Soh on 2013-05-29

A New Alliance: Kickers Domination United



Kickers, a popular competitive FIFA collective here in Singapore and Malaysia, have recently tied down a collaborative link up with the esteemed Indian FIFA outfit Domination Squad. In a deal described as long time coming, the three teams; Kickers Malaysia and Singapore, as well as Domination Squad, have now unified under one brand, Kickers Domination United (KDU). Under KDU, the various branches will now operate on a shared pool of knowledge and experience contributed by its various participating nations.


Speaking to Rapture Gaming, David, the team manager, and Wan, the team’s representative, announced that this tie up will apply for all competitive footballing titles including that of PES (Pro Evolution Soccer), which as of late has been shoved into obscurity under the shadow of EA’s prized sporting franchise.


“KDU will have two sides of football gaming, which will be PES and FIFA,” said Wan, “the focus will be on FIFA as there are more FIFA tournaments now but we’ll conduct online friendlies [for both games] with each other so as to train and develop one another. We also see it as a good way to bond.” Adding to that, team manager David went on to assure that there will be a good bit of experimentation and exposure to be had from having the three nations involved.  


Kickers.Kim, the leader of the Kickers division here in Singapore, had a big hand in the formation of the KDU and believes that the KDU is the most logical step moving forward for the brand and its collective. This was a thought seconded by his associates Wan and David who iterated the KDU’s mission of success and domination. “KDU wants all their players to win tournaments and achievements of their own. In winning every tournament there is we will increase the repute of KDU.”


KDU jersey concept in early 2013


KDU is currently sponsored by Funsquare and DaddyJay, with time though David remains optimistic that more sponsorship agreements will be secured. “We’re also supported by SCOGA and e-Sports Association Singapore, which gives us the necessary support and logistics needed for overseas travel and running of the tournaments.” It’s been said that with more sponsors onboard, the KDU will be looking to support up-and-coming teams too with greater exposure at big-time tournaments and to experience the benefits to be had with eSports in general. 


“We believe that not many gamers take their passion to a competitive level because of the high costs involved. But if sponsors can look into potential gamers who can actually work hard to be at the top of the competitive scene, it would be of great encouragement for many more potential competitive players,” elaborates David on the premise of the KDU unit and how it’ll look to play the facilitator where and when the money’s on board.


With the finer details of the tie up being ironed out in the coming weeks; expect more updates from us here at Rapture Gaming as we follow the growth of the KDU brand.


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