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Aui_2000: “Playing DOTA or anything at a competitive level is a really big life/time commitment”

Nic on 2013-03-13

Aui_2000: “Playing DOTA or anything at a competitive level is a really big life/time commitment”



Kurtis Ling (better known as Aui_2000) of UKTeam Dignitas gave a quick comment on his team’s website regarding his current career as a professional player. The main carry for UKTeam Dignitas, together with Peter “WayTosexy” Nguyen, Drew “Tidesoftime” Biessener, and their captain Loannis “Fogged” Loucas was once labeled as a breakout team by US “Pottom Bottom”.


The team has placed in many major tournaments such as Prodota2 League, joinDOTA Masters X and even in ESWC 2012 where they were ultimately beaten by UKRAINENa’Vi in the Final.  Having played as his team’s carry for quite some time, Aui_2000 has been known for his signature heroes such as Tiny, Morphling and Broodmother. 


When Aui was asked about their strategy in facing cross-region teams, he answered that although they do not use different strategies (against European teams, for example), they always made sure that they had multiple reserve tactics to use ‘in case of emergencies’.


Aui later tackled the annoying latency issue when playing against different teams. He said that the high latency made them dislike playing against European teams. He also talked about the ups and downs that the early Potm Bottom experienced and the lessons that they learned about balancing their priorities and making sure ‘not to get dragged down by the downs or get cocky during their ups’.


He also made an astute observation about having fun:


We were motivated to keep practicing because we were having fun. I think that's a point that's lost on a lot of people trying to form teams. Playing DOTA, or anything really, at a competitive level is a really big life/time commitment and if you aren't having fun then I highly doubt that things will work out.”



Later, he discussed two issues – the first was the meta-game transition of Warlock while the second was life after the departure of Sneyking.  With regard to Warlock, he said that the hero is better off staying mid because roaming around like a support would not be too beneficial for the team. He also felt that the hero is too level dependant and “doesn’t have enough lockdown to be played as a support.”


Lastly, regarding Sneyking, Aui said that Universe (Sneyking’s replacement) and the King (Sneyking) are two different players. Regardless of who plays, UKTeam Dignitas is getting better with the time and experience with each other.”


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