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joinDOTA interviews Ayesee

Nic on 2013-03-12

joinDOTA interviews Ayesee



Aaron “Ayesee” Chambars, one of the well-known casters in the North American scene, shared his background and opinions on the scene in an exclusive interview with joinDOTA.  While many of you already adore his unique and sexy casting voice, it is time to listen to what the man thinks about his career and his switch to being a DOTA 2 caster.


Ayesee started originally casting for StarCraft 2 but later switched to DOTA 2 and got his first casting gig at Gosu Monthly Madness Asia. From then on, his main goal was to be able to cast ‘The International’ – what he did not expect, however, was to be able to cast at the event in that very same year (2012). Adding to that privilege, Ayesee gained multiple casting offers from different organizations right after The International.


Although he is really passionate about what he does, Ayesee acknowledged the influence of his casting partner Draskyl.  When asked about the secret to why the DOTA 2 community loves the Ayesee-Draskyl duo, he stated that their styles “really complement each other”. His role was to initially bring mid-tier, passionate analysis that Draskyl can then capitalize on and introduce his deeper analysis into the game.



Lastly, Ayesee told joinDOTA that his work ethic, based on years of experience in other fields, is one of his best qualities as a caster. With regard to his future plans, he stated that he’ll be honored to work with 2GD and the GD Studio in future events such as Dreamhack and The International 3, amongst others.


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