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NetolicTV presents RaidCall Americas Cup and Latin Weekends Cup

Warturtle on 2013-03-05

NetolicTV presents RaidCall Americas Cup and Latin Weekends Cup



NetolicTV will be hosting the upcoming RaidCall Americas Cup and Latin Weekends Cup. Both tournaments will be played on the North American servers and time-zone with slots open to a total of 64 teams.


The RaidCall Americas Cup will be a weekly tournament with matches played throughout the week, culminating in a Grand Final every Sunday. A cash prize of $100 awaits the winning team and the prize money increases with more participating teams (for example, $200 will go to first place if at least 256 teams register).


The second tournament that will be covered by NetolicTV is the Latin Weekends Cup. Registrations for this tournament will be open every Monday to Friday with the tournament starting on Saturday from 15:00 EST and concluding on Sunday with the Grand Final played at 17:00 EST. The winning team of this cup will win a cash prize of $100 as well.


All games will be casted live by NetolicTV so stay tuned for more information.


Registration Links:




Latin Weekend Cup:


Stream Links:

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