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Luminous joins BeyondTheSummit

Warturtle on 2013-03-11

Luminous joins BeyondTheSummit



David “Luminous” Zhang, the creator of DOTA Weekly Show, is now a part of the BTS team. A third David will now join GoDz and LD in their studio in Los Angeles for future productions and in a statement released to Rapture Gaming Network, he agreed that his “primary reason for working with BTS is to be able to cast more tournaments live.”


LD had initially started his casting career with Luminous at DOTA Commentary and the pair casted at Grand Finals for The International 2 last year. The chemistry between both parties was also evident during the G-League Finals which took place last Saturday.


We managed to speak to Luminous regarding his decision:


“My primary reason for working with BTS, is to be able to cast more tournaments live. Being able to work in the same room with Godz and LD increases our broadcasting consistency and quality. My involvement with BTS does not mean I will not be involved in other casting projects or non-BTS tournaments. I'll still be working with Dota Commentaries and other organizations for different events. As for other members joining BTS, that's a question you'll have to direct to Godz and LD.”


Nevertheless, the inclusion of Luminous to the BTS production team will not only add variety to their production but it will also help them to increase the amount of coverage they can offer.



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