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AGDSA Grand Finals to kick off this Thursday

Nic on 2013-03-06

AGDSA Grand Finals to kick off this Thursday



In just a few days, one of the most anticipated amateur tournaments in the South-East Asian competitive scene will kick off right here in Singapore. The Armaggeddon DOTA 2 Grand Slam Asia 2013 Grand Finals from 7 to 10 March will feature teams such as First Departure, Pacific 2 and ABC.


The event is the culmination of various qualifiers held throughout the SEA region over the past few months. 12 deserving teams will be flying to the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center in Singapore on Thursday to compete for the chance to be sponsored by Armaggeddon and take home almost $20,000 in cash. Here are our thoughts on the competing teams:


Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


First Departure (SG)



Gizmo (MY)

NeoES.Indonesia (Indonesia)

TLeR ReborN (Indonesia)

Pacific 2 (Ph.)


Awake (Th.)

The Kade (Sri Lanka)

GoG (Myanmar)



Teams to look out for:

Though all of the teams in the Grand Finals are still unsigned, everyone can expect an action packed weekend as many of the amateur teams which have qualified are staples in the SEA scene. First Departure is a known contender from Singapore and is considered to be one of the top teams in Singapore behind Zenith while ABC is another rising team spearheaded by veteran and former Orange player, Winter. Our sources inform us that ABC have been performing exceptionally well leading to the tournament, having a decent win rate against Malaysian powerhouse NeoES.Orange. 


Fans should not doubt Pacific 2’s potential to win it all this weekend due to the experience and consistency of their lineup – for example, their solo mid player, Mr.Swish. is a renowned veteran within the Filipino DOTA scene who has captured numerous titles both in the Philippines and abroad. GANGSTER is another team from the Philippines who will undoubtedly enjoy their role as the underdogs this weekend but they displayed incredible talent during the Filipino qualifiers and definitely deserve a lookout (Trivia: during the Filipino qualifiers, only two out of the five GANGSTER members were present at the event itself and the rest were playing online and communicating via Skype). 


Last but not least, watch out for Awake from Thailand as they are definitely one of the contenders having taken out Thailand heavyweights, Trust, in their country’s qualifier.


Nevertheless, all teams have already proven their worth by qualifying for the Grand Finals and no team should be taken lightly in this tournament. As the official event partner for Armaggeddon Grand Slam Asia 2013, Rapture Gaming Network will provide you with the latest updates – stay tuned for upcoming groupings and brackets from the tournament.


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