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Infamous to pull out of Armaggeddon Grand Slam Asia

Nic on 2013-03-04

Infamous to pull out of Armaggeddon Grand Slam Asia



One of India’s representatives, Infamous, has announced that they will not be attending the Armaggeddon Grand Slam Asia Finals in Singapore. “Multiple reasons” prevented the runner-up of the Armaggeddon Rest of Asia Qualifier from making their trip down to Singapore with team captain Xcarnation running into passport issues. 

Xcarnation said that the team was not able to renew their passports due to the recent bomb blasts in India. “Multiple letters from different offices weren’t signed and approved because of this”, he added. 


Another reason given was the departure of their former member CykoMax (Sai Kumar Reddy), who was not ready to fully commit to training for a major competition and was replaced by former player Clusta ( Mohd Kareem).


The team also released an official statement on their Facebook page:

“We introduce (to) you our new member and an old friend Clusta (Mohd Kareem) as CykoMax (Sai Kumar Reddy) departs from team as he wants to concentrate on real life.”


Despite these changes to the team, we can still expect team Infamous to compete in the Alienware Arena tournament that is happening later this month in India.


“Team inF will not be attending Armaggeddon 2012(Singapore) due to personal problems.
Next stop: Alienware Arena DOTA 2 (India) Tournament.”


More updates on the Armaggeddon Grand Slam Asia Finals and Team Infamous can be found on


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