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FnaticEU wins DotaHut Invitational

Warturtle on 2013-03-06

FnaticEU wins DotaHut Invitational



The $2,000 DotaHut Invitational featured a best of three double elimination bracket and saw 8 invited teams from the Western scene competing for the top prize of $1,200. The championship title was eventually claimed by FnaticEU on 3 March after they defeated Mouz in the Grand Final.


FnaticEU did not have an easy road to the final as they had a tough draw and had to face powerhouses, mTw and Team Liquid, in their first two rounds. FnaticEU later matched up against Mouz in the semi-finals and sent them down to the Losers’ Bracket - FnaticEU made it to the final without dropping a single game in the tournament.


Mouz, on the other hand, had to face Team Dignitas in round 1 and barely edged out the American squad in the best of three matchup. They later faced NTH in the second round and were able to clean them up 2-0. Despite being sent down to the Losers’ Bracket, Mouz managed to fight their way back and emerged victorious to face FnaticEU in the Final.


Continuing their perfect run in the tournament, FnaticEU handily dispatched Mouz 2-0 and were crowned as champions of the tournament while Mouz and Team Liquid had to settle for second and third place respectively. The final standings for the tournament are as follow:


Final Standings:




1st Place



2nd Place



3rd Place





DotaHut Invitational:

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