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Na’Vi defeats EG in WePlay Show-match

Nic on 2013-03-05

Na’Vi defeats EG in WePlay Show-match



The new roster of Ukrainian powerhouse Natus Vincere proved to be too much for American team Evil Geniuses to handle in last night’s best-of-five show-match organized by WePlay. Fans who were expecting a much closer matchup were left disappointed while Na`Vi supporters enjoyed a display of pure dominance in three back to back games – something missing from the team ever since their The International 2 performance.


The former The International 1 champions swept Evil Geniuses 3-0 last night, with an interesting Game 2 which saw almost the entire Na`Vi lineup (Bounty Hunter and Skeleton King included) picking up Dagons. Despite equipping their carry, Skeleton King, with Arcane Boots and Dagon 3, Na`Vi took the game in 30 minutes when EG could not prevent them from taking middle and bottom barracks.


Na`Vi’s four-man Dagon strategy in Game two


As the winner of the show-match, Na’Vi will not only get the appearance fee of $200, as do Evil Geniuses, but also an additional cash prize of $500 for defeating EG.


We feel that this best-of-five show-match between the two Western heavyweights is only the beginning of a bigger rivalry in the coming months. WePlay has also announced that they will be hosting a DOTA 2 tournament where various top-tier teams, such as Na’Vi, No Tidehunter, Team Empire and Virtus Pro amongst others, are expected to participate in.


Teams who were not invited for this tournament can still qualify as WePlay will be hosting ‘The Last Chance’ qualifiers with the winning team earning a slot in the main event.


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