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KingJ and Zippo join For.Love

Nic on 2013-03-23

KingJ and Zippo join For.Love


Former CHINAEHOME veterans Yang “KingJ” Zhou and Xiong “Zippo” Zhou recently became official members of CHINAFor.Love, making this mid-tier Chinese team an instant contender in the Chinese DOTA 2 scene.


Right after the announcement that their captain 'Banana' will be leaving CHINAFor.Love to join CHINATongFu and TuTu joining CHINARattlesnake, it seemed that the team was in trouble heading into their G-1 Phase 2 series against Australian team AUSTRALIAChained Stacks.




A day before the series, fans were excited with the prospect of big name additions to the team. KingJ and Zippo have been around the scene for quite some time and have garnered achievements such as ESWC and SMM. KingJ is a well-known carry who has played with big teams such as CHINADK, CHINANirvana and CHINAEHOME.


CHINAFor.Love also acquired an experienced support player in Zippo who has played support in his previous teams. Zippo also brings with him big game experience as he has played at The International.




Yesterday’s series against AUSTRALIAChained Stacks brought both good and bad news for the fans of CHINAFor.Love. The good news was that KingJ and Zippo were not rusty even though they have been inactive in the pro scene for quite a while. However, the bad news was that CHINAFor.Love was eliminated in a thrilling 3 game series by the Australians.


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