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TnC Gaming to add Doc and Doa

Nic on 2013-03-16

TnC Gaming to add Doc and Doa


Considered to be one of the up and coming teams from the Philippines, PHILIPPINESTnC Gaming, formerly known as PHILIPPINESFullTilt.TnC, is an example of an underground team that has truly made their presence felt in mainstream DOTA 2. PHILIPPINESTnC Gaming has bagged numerous achievements including a 3rd place finish at the PGF event organized by Rapture Gaming Network and another 3rd place finish at the SEA League.


Despite those achievements, the team continued to improve as they stepped into a new chapter of their career with support from their current sponsor TnC. The team, however, recently announced that they will be dropping their mid-laner Ace and Myrone to make way for veteran WC3 DOTA players Doc and Doa.




Doa has recently been playing with PHILIPPINESUGZ but has decided to take another career path and joined PHILIPPINESTnC Gaming. As a player, he is well known for his superb mid-laning presence, not only in WC3 DOTA, but in DOTA 2 as well.


For Doc, his consistent stint with PHILIPPINESExecration and PHILIPPINESMSIevoGT together with Doa has allowed him to make a mark in the Philippine DOTA scene as one of the most reliable side-lane players in the country. The question for Doc now is, can he bring the kind of game that he was known for in WC3 DOTA to DOTA 2?


One thing remains for certain. Both do not lack experience and veteran savvy but what might be a concern to some will be their ability to adapt to the fast paced rigour of competitive DOTA 2 and its meta-game.


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