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Ferrari: "I am very happy that Na'Vi is coming to China."

Warturtle on 2013-03-16

Ferrari: "I am very happy that UKRAINENa'Vi is coming to China."



After their victory in G-League against InternationalLGD.Int, Ferrari was interviewed by Gosugamers. In this interview, Ferrari spoke about the G-League Grand Final match, meta-game changes and UKRAINENa’Vi’s imminent arrival in China.

He revealed that CHINAiG had only ten days of training prior to the Grand Final in which they had to figure out a few strategies against InternationalLGD.Int and one of them was to ban out a few strong pushers during the drafting phase (Chen, Dark Seer).

Speaking about the Grand Final, Ferrari said that picking up two AOE heroes against InternationalLGD.Int would upset their plans to push aggressively throughout the early game. Ferrari also felt that InternationalLGD.Int had a weaker lineup, compared to CHINAiG, in the second game of the Grand Final as even a small positioning error would result in a wipe out of their entire team.

When asked about UKRAINENa’Vi’s new roster and their desire to move to China for boot-camp, Ferrari said that “I am very happy that UKRAINENa’Vi is coming to China.” With UKRAINENa’Vi moving to China, it would not only give CHINAiG another strong competitor but it would bring about a new dimension to the way DOTA 2 is played in China.

CHINAiG will be resuming their training from today and are looking forward to stay focused with their main goal of defending their title at The International later this year. After UKRAINENa’Vi lands in China for their boot-camp, CHINAiG will definitely find it more difficult to maintain their dominance as UKRAINENa’Vi, given their current lineup, will have a real shot at challenging CHINAiG in the upcoming Asian DOTA 2 tournaments.

Ferrari’s Interview:

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