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Mineski.Wootz – the free agent?

Nic on 2013-03-16

Mineski.Wootz – the free agent?




James Kenneth Valdez, better known as 'Wootz', has been one of the most experienced players/captains in the Philippine scene as the captain of PHILIPPINESMineski. He has gained a significant amount of fans since playing for PHILIPPINESHappyfeet, together with Julz, who was later on picked up by PHILIPPINESMineski.


This player has also bagged multiple local and international achievements both in WC3 DOTA and DOTA 2. One highlight of his career was when he was invited to compete in 'The International 1' in Germany while he was turning out for PHILIPPINESMineski. Alhough they were not able to win, the team was able to improve their overall play, even going through multiple roster changes that helped them to stay on top of the Philippine scene.


At the moment, there is a rumour circulating that the captain is no longer part of the PHILIPPINESMineski roster. Multiple posts on his personal Facebook page did nothing to deny this rumour.




One of his posts cried “Free Lancer” followed by “pa adopt po ng team” which translates that he is looking for a team to adopt him. Lastly, in what could have been the biggest giveaway, was the rumour about him finding a DOTA 2 team to play with as a stand-in.


Is it really true? Will he be leaving PHILIPPINESMineski? Whatever the reasons are, we believe Wootz will surely return to the DOTA 2 scene stronger than ever and Rapture Gaming Network will keep an eye on the veteran captain.


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  1. gravatar

    So where is he going? Any updates RGN?

  2. gravatar

    Wootz is on excecration right now

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