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TongFu.Mu's interview with

Michael on 2013-05-15

TongFu.Mu's interview with



CHINATongFu.Mu was recently interviewed by FRANCEMali on In this interview, he speaks about his future expectations, tournaments & the lucky TI3 invitation.


ello Mu! We are very thrilled to have you for this interview. Before discussing the current events, let’s talk about the roster changes that the team went through this year. In March, the team decided to part ways with both Huang “LongDD” Xiang and Chen “Veronica” Zhixi, who  helped the team to reach a top-four finish in G-League. What were the reasons for not sticking with them?

Our roster at the time had the feeling that we would not be able to make a breakthrough to the next level, so we made changes in order to try a new style.


After welcoming Jiao “Banana” Wang and Chen “yAobAi” Ximing, the team under-performed on several occasions; losing to Neolution Thailand and LedionDreamz in different tournaments. Can you please explain to our readers what led to these results against teams who are supposedly in a lower bracket than your team?

The team lacked understanding, and our playstyles were overly simple. We also in fact simply played poorly. However, success is born of failure, and we will improve.


Last month, the team took actions as yAobAi was removed from the roster. You replaced him with a successful and experienced player in Yang “KingJ” Zhou. What were the reasons for signing this player over another? In which aspects of the game do you think KingJ can help?

In this current version and metagame, playing a single core is not very viable anymore. KingJ’s arrival will allow the team to try multi-core tactics, and our team’s current strategies are improving because of this. KingJ can play many heroes, and this is a big help for our picks.


So you are saying that signing KingJ in the team has nothing to do with him being one of the luckiest players in the world? [NOTE: KingJ won SMM when he joined FTD and won several titles when he joined EHOME] Are you using his luck to win the upcoming major tournaments in China? Haha

Winning a championship is not about luck!


For full interview, please visit:


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