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The Swedish Ambition: Impunity at Dreamhack 2013

Reuben Soh on 2013-05-26

The Swedish Ambition: Impunity at Dreamhack 2013



Little in the world can please a man more than a good helping of Swedish success topped off with a healthy spread of Swedish meatballs—and that is exactly what ROCCAT.Impunity is gunning for when they take to Dreamhack later next month. Defining success as a top four finish, Yvonne “Alyse” Yong, Impunity’s team captain, is relishing the prospect of testing the mettle of the European and North American teams when they take them on for the first time in their maiden Dreamhack expedition.


“We’re definitely ecstatic and honored to be representing not only Singapore but also the wider South East Asia,” she said, adding that it was the heartbreaking disappointments in previous two Dreamhack qualifier attempts that fueled their intense desire to progress this time round. However, even as they prepare for the unprecedented trip across the Eurasia, several first team players will not be participating, prompting some calculated patchwork the month before.


“We were planning on passing on Dreamhack as Trinity’s in Taiwan for an army exercise and Act needs to complete his internship during that time,” Alyse explained. However, Impunity has since been quick to act on the replacements roping in Shuiyu and Kiddo from Orange to bolster chances of a top-4 finish. As Alyse later points out, the addition of the Orange players actually came quite naturally.


“It wasn’t a difficult selection process as we’ve trained together with them, plus they do have lots of experience in competitive HoN as well as a good standing in the Malaysia’s competitive scene.”



After ousting Anti-MoonQueen in the regional qualifiers, the lucky five that will be donning Impunity colors come 15 June will be Rhonn, as the team’s carry, Air, in support, Signify, in the suicide role, with Kiddo on mid and Shuiyu marshalling affairs in the jungle. Despite putting in plenty of hours in training ever since, the team captain stressed caution and more hard work in preparing for NA/EU opposition whom they have had little experience playing against—especially post patch.


“With the recent new patch, there has been a dramatic shift in the nature of the game and previous strategies are not so effective anymore,” she voiced, “therefore we believe that other teams will also have to readjust their habits to create new play-styles.” That said, there’s one team in particular that ROCCAT.Impunity will be actively seeking to shoot down – and that team is ex-TDM.


“We’re definitely looking forward to face ex-TDM who defeated us at the previous GSL (Garena Star League). It’s time for us to redeem ourselves!”


With the team making off for Sweden on the 12th of June, Alyse has had nothing but thanks and pride for her team and all those who have supported and endorsed their latest endeavor. “We would like to give shoutouts to Mischa from Garena, who has always been giving us lots of assistance, Garena and S2 for giving us this opportunity to compete again and our awesome manager Check!”


“Also, special thanks to our sponsors, especially Illuminary Entertainment for their hospitality, and last but not least to the friends who have always supported us! You guys are a great motivation to ROCCAT.Impunity! We will strive to do our region proud!”

Dreamhack Summer 2013 takes place in Sweden on the 15th of June till the 18th. For more information on ROCCAT.Impunity, head on over to their official Facebook fanpage at


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