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RGN League DOTA2 Elite Playweek 2: Day 2 Recap

Geomar on 2013-05-27


RGN League DOTA2 Elite Playweek 2: Day 2 Recap



SINGAPOREZenith and CHINATongFu dominated the Day 2 of the RGN League Playweek 2 by beating SINGAPOREFirst Departure and CHINARisingstars.Gaming respectively.


Match 1:




The early game was up and down for both teams. SINGAPOREFirst Departure still managed to keep up against SINGAPOREZenith despite the absence of SINGAPOREMeracle-. SINGAPOREZenith slowly started to edge SINGAPOREFirst Departure having the advantage in gold and experience difference. Yamateh's lifestealer took over the game after getting his core items and SINGAPOREZenith took the bottom barracks. But SINGAPOREFirst Departure's Io-Chaos Knight combo still tried to put their team back into the game by getting kills for their team, but SINGAPOREZenith and their lifestealer was too much for SINGAPOREFirst Departure and eventually causing them the game.


Match 2:




CHINATongFu dominated CHINARisingstars.Gaming and it is simply a one-sided match. The game started even as both teams were getting kills and towers. The game went to CHINATongFu's favor come mid game and their team fight oriented lineup became a big factor winning team fights after team fights that easily led to them taking towers that pressured CHINARisingstars.Gaming. CHINARisingstars.Gaming just can't find a way to win a team fight or get a pickoffs that made it hard for them to stay in the game causing them to call "GG".




RGN League will feature a total of 198 competitve DOTA2 matches over 9 months with 10 top teams playing out for a prize pool of SG$19,000 cash. If you have like to watch all these 198 matches in DOTATV, you can purchase your online ticket via DOTA2 store here:




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