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Na'Vi.Dendi sparks some curiosity with latest "New Strat" tweet

ZOMGSHOX on 2013-05-28


Let's face it. We all know how much of a troll Dendi can be. But it seems to be legit this time. UKRAINENa'Vi has some new tricks up their sleeves. 


UKRAINENa'Vi's Dendi tweet on what they have in-store for their opponents


"Last 2 games showed fwe of them". Well, they played against QPad Red Pandas as well as DD.Dota earlier on for StarLadder VI. Is this something that everyone should be prepared for? SWEEDENAlliance have already proved a point after dominating The G-1 Champions League Season 5 by defeating all the Chinese teams that took part.

Do you know what the stratergy is? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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Source: @DendiBoss


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