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G-1 Champions League - Season 5 - LAN Finals (Day 2)

ZOMGSHOX on 2013-05-26

G-1 Champions League - Season 5 -

LAN Finals (Day 2)




Day 2 of th G-1 Champions League Season 5 wraps up and what a day it was. The Swedish DotA MafiaSWEEDENAlliance, sweeps the stadium by its feet as they take a convincing lead in the Group Stages with a 5-0 score on the charts. 


The members of SWEEDENAlliance getting a quick interview on stage with KellyMilkies as their translator.


This is a huge blow to the Chinese DotA scene as many have always had an impression that the Chinese would dominate in DotA. SWEEDENAlliance did the Western Community proud as they wipe off the stereotype from our minds by plowing through the best teams in the world.


Loda, the carry for SWEEDENAlliance, received a huge round of appluase as his turn on stage was up.


But of course, it wasn't all good. Disappointments were made as CHINAInvictus Gaming, Champions of The International 2012, were knocked out of the tournament as they hit rock bottom of the charts alongside USATeam Liquid. With so many expecting eyes on them, it is really sad to see the team go through such tough times. Especially, with The International 2013 just around the corner.


Chuan from CHINAInvictus Gaming thankful for their first win in the G-1 Champions League Season 5.


A official public statement made on CHINAInvictus Gaming Facebook page.


With all things said and done, let's check out the brackets thus far:



Congratulations to the 4 teams that made it through. Will SWEEDENAlliance continue to dominate? Can step their game or? Will MALAYSIAOrange Neolution or CHINADK pull of a miracle?

Stay tuned to RGN for the latest news and updates!

(Photo/Stream Credits: BeyondTheSummit)

Source: G-1 Champions League (English Site)


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