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Dota's SingSing switching to LoL?

Nic on 2013-04-18

Dota's SingSing switching to LoL?


Internationally known mid-carry FRANCEWeh ‘SingSing’ Yuen had fought many wars. He has battled almost all of the best in the league, UKRAINEDendi, CHINAFerrari, DENMARKSynderen, MALAYSIAMushi and many other notable players.

Given his experience that this EUROPEQPandas player have, one particular scenario where he failed made him rage and tell the public that he is switching to LoL.



After watching the video, do you really think ‘SingSing’ is serious? Known as one of the best stream trollers around, this time Sing got a taste of his own medicine and was trolled hard by that courier escaping his Chronosphere.

Source: berthetics doter

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