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Team Empire: Goblak and Silent leave Dota 2 squad.

RGN on 2013-04-17

Team Empire: Goblak and Silent leave Dota 2 squad.



RUSSIATeam Empire website announced that both Artur “Goblak” Kostenko and Airat “Silent” Gaziev will be departing from the Dota 2 roster and they are not free agents. The current roster as follows:

RUSSIARoman "Scandal" Sadotenkov
RUSSIAVladislav "blowyourbrain" Morozyuk
RUSSIAIvan "Vigoss" Shinkarev


Statement from Sergei "Anahronix" Bykovskiy, team manager:

"Artur and Airat quickly became important part of the team and made a big deal evolving it. But, unfortunately, than came that moment, when views on where the team should move in its development parted. Subsequent performance with this roaster was negative and had bad influence on all team. Considering desire of players, managers made a decision about finishing the cooperation. I want to thank guys for a big work that they made and wish them a good luck. It’s time to forget past and move on. We will make a selection and find new players. Team will train hard to please fans with new victories. Support us, we need it as never before."


Statement from Artur "Goblak" Kostenko, former captain:

"Playing in this team gave me huge experience. The support of organization was always on a good level. But every team has moments, when it needs changes. For team Empire, this moment is now. I want to say “Thank you” to the organization for its support during all this time. Also I want to thank my teammates for our joint work. Good luck in future!"

Source: team liquid


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  1. gravatar

    They really needed to change their line-up and haven't still found a decent replacement for Funn1k D: Losing streak is quite sad :(

  2. gravatar

    they really need a good replacement

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