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First ever CS:GO Champion of the RaidCall EMS One, Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ronnel on 2013-04-16

First ever CS:GO Champion of the RaidCall EMS One, Ninjas in Pyjamas



SWEEDENNinjas in Pyjamas (NiP) proved that they are the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team as they bagged another championship, the Raidcall EMS One. They defeated DENMARKFnatic 2-0 in the grand finals and took home $12,000.

Patrick “f0rest” Lindberg started the grand finals with an incredible four kills in the pistol round. DENMARKFnatic was able to take a 8-0 lead but that ended as Martin “trace” Heldt made a four M4A4 kill. He was able to save a round for DENMARKFnatic taking the scoreboards to 9-1.

SWEEDENNiP was able to take a 12-3 victory against DENMARKFnatic. SWEEDENNIP continued their grand final dominance as they took a 3-0 lead in the early goings in de_nuke_se. Get_Right was able to win an important one-on-two situation. He was able to take out both players, bringing the game into 16-7 in favor of SWEEDENNIP.

Grand Finals VOD


RaidCall EMS One Spring 2013 Final Standings:

Champions -  SWEEDENNinjas in Pyjamas - $12,000
2nd Place -  DENMARKFnatic - $7,000
3rd / 4th Place -  FRANCEVeryGames - $4,000
3rd / 4th Place -  SWEEDENAbsolute Legends - $4,000
5th / 6th Place -  PORTUGALK1ck - $2,000
5th / 6th Place -  GERMANY (F.R. OF)N!Faculty - $2,000
7th / 8th Place - UKAnexis - $2,000
7th / 8th Place -  FRANCEImaginary Gaming - $2,000

Awarding Ceremony coutesy of



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    NiP are really proving themselves to be one of the greatest CS GO teams so far. Constantly winning and hardly dropping a map D:

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    Cs is the best game 4ever in the fps World

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