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Red Viperz Gaming Team: ‘Bangladesh Pride’

Nic on 2013-04-20

Red Viperz Gaming Team: ‘Bangladesh Pride’



The love for the game and eSports in general has truly evolved! Different countries from across the globe are definitely engage in this massive activity. One of the countries that is currently surging with eSports is the land of ‘Royal Bengal Tigers’, Bangladesh.


Bangladesh, a country that is located in South Asia has been determined by majority to be one of the third world countries. Internet connection and electric issue are the main factors for gamers not to be in their prime and compete against the international counterparts.



Though with these reasons, one group in the country is currently breaking the norms. ‘BANGLADESHRed Viperz Gaming Team’ or better known as ‘RV’ is one of the leading professional gaming team that is engaged in different gaming titles such as CS:GO, StarCraft2, FIFA, Call of Duty, Dota 2 and many others.

The team was formed in 2008 and has proved their skills by earning medals in various genre of gaming. Aside from that, it has also represented their country in various international events like World Cyber Games. Here are some of the international achievements of the team:

WCG 2010 (FIFA) – 3rd

WCG 2009 (Warcraft3) – Top 16

WCG 2008 (NFSWarcraft3) - Round of 32

IeSF Grand Finals (Warcraft3)

2011 IeSF Grand Finals (FIFA) - Round of 32

2012 StarCraft2 IeSF – Round of 64


According to ‘RV’ manager, BANGLADESHAga Rafsan Chowdhury, despite gaming not being  a suitable choice of lifestyle in their country, ‘RV’ still aims to promote it to the general public and wants to take it to a different level. Also, the team is aiming to set a name for themselves in the international scene.

As the first gaming team in their country to get sponsorship from different groups like TteSports and UCC they have been doing many kinds of events under their banners to further promote eSports in Bangladesh.

At the moment, the team is preparing to leap over the Dota 2 meta-game in the Asian scene. With current latency of 80-100 pings, they are already starting to play with higher ranked teams and players.

Much to expect from Red Viperz Gaming team in almost every game as they together with their very talented players pursue their hunt for international glory.  Aga Rafsan Chowdhury has this message for all who support them.

‘I am really grateful to TteSports and UCC for what we are today, it is because of their support and without them we are nothing. Thanks a lot for supporting a team with a dream and it grows more and more every day.”

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    more power to bangladesh e-sports :)

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    more power and good luck

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