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Ex-Dota2 player hyhy satisfied at the rate he is improving at League of Legends

RGN on 2013-04-11

Ex-Dota2 player hyhy satisfied at the rate he is improving at League of Legends



Since leaving Dota 2, hyhy from Singapore has been playing League of Legends full time with the Singapore Sentinels. The Singapore Sentinels plays in the Garena Premier League and recently have results that were up and down. 

The Sentinels became the first team to defeat Azubu Taipei Assassins in the GPL 2013 Spring Season but most recently lost to Vietnamese team Saigon Fantastic Five. 

Garena interviewed mid laner hyhy to understand the full story behind the team's defeat to the Vietnamese.


Garena: What were the main factors that led to SF5's victory against SGS?

hyhy: Our picks were pretty bad, and I was experimenting to find out if Mejai’s was a viable item for competitive play.      Apparently because of the item choices, the team wasn’t able to contest objectives such as early towers and dragons. SF5 eventually got too huge a lead in terms of items and levels and won the game.

Garena: How far as a player do you feel you've progressed since you first joined the team?

hyhy: I’m satisfied at the rate I’m improving.

Garena: What was the reasoning behind the purchase of Mejai's Soulstealer in the match against SF5?

hyhy: There was a pub game where an akali bought Mejai’s and owned me. Sad to say, I failed to do the same.

Garena: Does SGS play differently when they are facing the lower bracket GPL teams as compared to the top bracket GPL teams?

hyhy: We make it a point to treat every GPL game seriously, and put up consistent performances throughout the season. The blunder against SF5 will serve as a reminder of our mistake, and we will work doubly hard to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Again, much credit to SF5 for a well played game.

Garena: You've been trying a lot of new champions in the mid lane, one example being Nasus, how much do you test/practice a champion before playing it in a GPL match?

hyhy: I play different champions to explore and understand the possibilities with itemization and synergies of different champion lineups. I believe an extensive knowledge of that will provide me with optimal picks when the situation calls for it.

Catch hyhy in action this week at


Source: Garena 


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    Hyhy lol is a good game for you :p

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    Why HyHy, why? Why would you leave Dota 2 for League of Legends D:

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    because Loda broke his heart.

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    please go back to dota2

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