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Asterisk* all girls Dota 2 team recruitment

RGN on 2013-04-18

Asterisk* all girls Dota 2 team recruitment



Calling girl gamers ! All girls Dota 2 team SINGAPOREAsterisk* will be conducting a recruitment this Saturday in Singapore. If you like to be part of a professional eSports team and a female, this is for you. 

Recruitment process:

  • 1st Trial - Shortlisting
  • 2nd Trial - Final selection

Being in an eSports team requires you to have the passion and commitment and to be part of SINGAPOREAsterisk* you will need to possess good inter-personal skills, a positive attitude and be able to commit to training with the team at least 3 times a week online and one LAN session every Saturday. 

You can catch the trial LIVE at the Alienware Arena, Chinatown 

To register and more details , please visit the offcial website of Team Asterisk*

Source: PMSasterisk


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  1. gravatar

    Do they hire a relaxation oscillator? Oscillating between them as i do my best to help them relax between games... I would love to get that job. I work cheap. Food and rubber is all i need.

  2. gravatar

    will they recruit a malaysian? :3
    good luck pms hope the new member will contribute and give full commitment to the team *shine bright like a diamond*

  3. gravatar

    wow all girl group good luck ladys

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