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Mushi: “Pressure always becomes my motivation”

Naraiah on 2013-04-15

Mushi: “Pressure always becomes my motivation”



Rapture Gaming Network had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Chai ‘Mushi’ Yee Fung, the star player from Neolution|Orange. Our freelance writer, Naraiah ‘Naraiah’ Lee gathers Mushi’s thoughts on the upcoming G1-League and his role as a player/coach.


RGN: Hello Mushi and thanks for the interview.

Mushi: Haha, I like to do the interview online so I can google translate as my english is not really good :D


RGN: Congratulations on advancing to G-1 League LAN finals! What are your expectations for the LAN finals?

Mushi: For myself, I won't be expecting any result, I will just try my best to play in the tournament and beat all the teams :P


RGN: How would you rate your chance among other teams during the finals of G-1? What are your views on the other 3 participating teams? Are you feeling any pressure?

Mushi: I have never beaten any chinese team in a LAN tournament but I will try and try and try. Pressure always become my motivation.


RGN: What are your thoughts on the format of G-1 this year, with both western and eastern qualifiers?

Mushi: That's a great tournament format, and I’m excited to play with EU teams.


RGN: Your prediction for the western qualifiers?

Mushi: Hmm, it's quite hard to predict.


RGN: What is your take on Chinese teams starting to go 'beyond the book' as they have picked up heroes that were not that popular before in Chinese Dota during G-1 ( for example Gyrocopter, Alchemist)?

Mushi: They are changing alot, especially dk and I think it's normal that when your team wants to win, you must change :P


RGN: What do you think about the wave of Philippine and Thai teams focusing on Dota 2 now, and with that would SEA Dota scene be able to compete with the Chinese one?

Mushi: I’m happy to see that Thai and Philippine teams are focusing on Dota 2 now. Not all the teams would be able to compete but slowly SEA dota will catch up as it is still far away from the Chinese dota standard. We still have lots to learn from the Chinese teams.


RGN: About two months ago the 6th player Fadil 'Kecik Imba' Bin Mohd Raziff joined your team. Tell us more about him, his role and his development so far in the team.

Mushi: He's a talented young Malay professional in the Malaysia dota scene. He is just 17 year old and he plays a carry role as well in our team but he will not be playing any LAN tournament for us because he is still studying.. But well he is one of us and he will be a future star gamer in Malaysia :P


RGN: Can you assess your individual contribution towards winning the games as a coach and how much do you feel that you facilitated to putting together a game plan that truly utilizes the talents of your team?

Mushi: Hmm, as a coach, I'm always explaining the game play for my team, and training their personal skills as well as discussing the drafts together.


RGN: Do you ever face any difficulties in getting teammates to be responsive to your messages? When you have a creative idea about how you want to play, do you need to convince your team to play so? How do you align the team to your idea?

Mushi: Of course it is difficult for me because I'm not good at talking. But I will do my best to explain what I'm thinking and what we need to do in the game. They will say no sometimes, so at that time we will just draft the hero and play. But most of the time they will plcae their trust in me.


RGN: How do you usually prepare yourself before a big game? Do you or your team have your own slogan/watchword,that you use to rally before the games or do any other actions?

Mushi: Ohaiyo always wants to go to the toilet before a big game (chuckle) as for the others, I do not really know. As for myself, I will be very excited and i will keep thinking about how to win the game :P


Will Mushi lead his team to victory in the G1-League LAN Finals?



RGN: What is your view on the recent performance of MuFC with your former teammate from Orange, Winter?

Mushi: Winter is doing pretty well in MuFC but MuFC only recently just reformed with this roster so they would still need more practice.


RGN: Every team has set their eyes on The International 3. What will your major goals for this event be and how do you evaluate your team's chances?

Mushi: We don't know about the future :P Hope I can still attend The international 3 this year.


RGN: I know that you've already moved to a bootcamp where your team have been practicing every day. Any worries about the team getting worn out before TI 3?  What do you do, when taking a rest from Dota and how do you keep your motivation and continue to practice hard?

Mushi: Yeah, we already have a bootcamp and we train hard everyday.


RGN: It has been announced that you have been invited for PGF from May 11-12. Are you looking forward to seeing your Filipino fans?

Mushi: Yeah! We got invited to PGF and I'm really excited about it :P I miss my ph fans ^_^


RGN: It seems like now would be a good time to ask you about yourself. Have you ever been outplayed by your own strategy/methods? What will you do when it happens?

Mushi: Oh well, when I think about strategies, I will also think about how to counter it too :P Like Bane? I'm not really afraid of this hero because I know this hero well.


RGN: When was the last time you were WOW’d by enemy’s performance or strategy/tactical move? How were you WOW’d?

Mushi: Hmm I won't be suprised by any enemy performance, I will just praise to them :P I will learn the strategies from them too and analyze them.


RGN: What do you think about Ohaiyo's Tidehunter and his incredible Ravages? *giggling*

Mushi: I forgot which game that he was using the tidehunter :O But maybe my memory already has been erased :P So maybe we can change the topic and don't make him sad ?? (chuckle)


RGN: As a girl I'd like to hear your opinion about the growing popularity of competetive Dota 2 among ladies. Do you believe that the female Dota 2 competetive scene will ever become big?

Mushi: I'm not a rich man but if I do I will host a ladies Dota 2 tournament :P I would always like to see something different.

RGN: Lastly, any shoutouts?

Mushi: I will shoutout when I win a tournament, haha


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    Yup! That my idol Mushi...
    Hahaha... Good Luck Mushi !

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    Amazing how Pressure builds Motivation but then again, everyone is unique in their own way :P. Mushi is a special one xD

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    Hopefully they can win the G1-League this year!

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    Still rooting for a western team to win G-1 :D

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    wanna see orange in TI3

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