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Raidcall EMS ONE FINALS: RoX.KIS downs DD.dota to advance into the next round

Hamodi on 2013-04-20

RoX.KIS downs DD.dota to advance into the next round




RUSSIARoX.KIS was able to defeat EUROPEDD.dota in two games with a comeback in game 1 after a bad start and dominated in game two to secure themselves the win into the next round against the awaiting DENMARKAbsolute Legends.



EUROPEDD.dota was able to get a first blood on Weaver after getting two great neutral creeps from Enchantress. Enchantress would later on rotate to the bottom lane and with the help of Magnus, they took down the solo Gyrocopter.


In the 6th minute, the supports of EUROPEDD.dota smoked up and went to the middle lane where Enchantress would get her 3rd kill of the game after killing Night Stalker.


In the 8th minute, Night Stalker tried to make something happen for RUSSIARoX.KIS but unfortunately for him, his gank on Leshrac badly failed because he was caught by the supports of EUROPEDD.dota.


Leshrac and Enchantress were slowly taking down the top tower 11 minutes into the game and RUSSIARoX.KIS decided to defend it  where they would kill Leshrac but in exchange for Weaver. EUROPEDD.dota was able to destroy the top tier-1 tower, but after that RUSSIARoX.KIS decided to engage once again and this time they got a much needed win, killing four heroes of EUROPEDD.dota.


In the 18th minute, EUROPEDD.dota smoked up and went to the bottom lane where they engaged Night Stalker but unfortunately, RUSSIARoX.KIS' had backup and immediately turned things around, killing three heroes and taking down the tier-1 tower. RUSSIARoX.KIS felt confident as they started to chip away on the life of the tier-2 tower but EUROPEDD.dota defended it well, killing three heroes of RUSSIARoX.KIS.


In the 23rd minute, Night Stalker hunted enchantress at the top tier-2 tower and getting the kill but had to pay for his and Weaver's life.


RUSSIARoX.KIS was able to win a huge team fight, killing four heroes without losing a single hero. They destroyed the tier-2 tower and later on secure the Aegis of the Immortal.


In the 28th minute, EUROPEDD.dota were still looking for blood despite losing the last three huge team fights. They smoked up and found Night Stalker farming in the radiant jungle and took the Gem of True Sight that he was holding.


RUSSIARoX.KIS was still in control of the game after picking off a few heroes of EUROPEDD.dota then took down the top tier-2 tower which was EUROPEDD.dota's last outer tower. While RUSSIARoX.KIS still had all of their tier-2 towers standing.


In the 36th minute EUROPEDD.dota were able to get a few kills on their side after killing three heroes of RUSSIARoX.KIS in exchange for two supports. But after a minute, RUSSIARoX.KIS took down Roshan but Storm Spirit got the great Aegis of the Immortal steal but unfortunately RUSSIARoX.KIS was able to team wipe EUROPEDD.dota despite stealing the Aegis of the Immortal.


In the 43rd minute, RUSSIARoX.KIS decided to finish the game and weaver destroyed the top barracks while his other teammates kept EUROPEDD.dota busy. After taking down the top barracks, RUSSIARoX.KIS decided not to force anything after losing their Gyrocopter and decided to back off.



But they would regroup in a few minutes and push the bottom lane destroying the barracks, then killing a few more heroes that forced out the "GG" call from EUROPEDD.dota 48 minutes into the game.



RUSSIARoX.KIS  immediately smoked up at the start of the game and went into the radiant jungle where they got two quick kills after getting a first blood on Gyrocopter and later on killing Beastmaster.


In the Laning stage, RUSSIARoX.KIS decided to go for an aggressive tri-lane and they opted to put in Brewmaster instead of Lifestealer which went into the side lane against Beastmaster.


In the 10th minute, RUSSIARoX.KIS engaged EUROPEDD.dota behind their tier-1 tower in the bottom lane where they were able to get three kills and Tinker survived after a great save by Keeper of the Light by the use of his blinding light.


In the 13th minute, RUSSIARoX.KIS were able to get four quick kills on the back of a great Chronosphere by Faceless Void in exchange for two heroes. But RUSSIARoX.KIS later returned to the middle lane after grouping up and took down the tier-1 tower, and RUSSIARoX.KIS rotated to the top lane and quickly destroyed the tier-2 tower.


In the 18th minute, RUSSIARoX.KIS were trying to take down Roshan and EUROPEDD.dota decided to contest but unfortunately they lost four heroes during the engagement and RUSSIARoX.KIS was able to secure the Aegis of the Immortal after that.


In the 23rd minute, RUSSIARoX.KIS was able to get three more kills and later on focus on the middle tier-2 tower. EUROPEDD.dota successfully defended the tower after killng three of RUSSIARoX.KIS’ heroes and pushing the middle lane, but RUSSIARoX.KIS immediately defended the tower which they could successfully do so after killing three of EUROPEDD.dota heroes to later on destroy the middle tower-2 tower.


In the 27th minute, RUSSIARoX.KIS destroyed the bottom tier-2 tower without anyone defending, while that was happening EUROPEDD.dota tried to get a trade-off by taking down the middle tier-1 but unfortunately RUSSIARoX.KIS quickly defended it and ended up killing four more heroes.


In the 30th minute, Tinker got three quick kills after teleporting all over the map, then they secured their second Aegis of the Immortal.



In the 33rd minute, RUSSIARoX.KIS got a huge team wipe to later on take down the middle barracks and eventually the "GG" call from EUROPEDD.dota.


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