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The Nature’s Prophet who speaks and farms in the trees

Nic on 2013-04-17

The Nature’s Prophet who speaks and farms in the trees



Nature’s Prophet or also known as Furion in WarCraft3 Dota has been one of the most picked heroes in Dota 2 both in Pubs and professional games. His ability to teleport from one place to another to help in ganks and pushes is very useful for each and every player playing him.

Currently, we are seeing the rise of Nature’s Prophet in the meta-game, mostly picked in the EU/NA scene. Aside from its great pushing powers, the hero can also turn the game in your favor with its excellent farming potential. 

In this old but very reliable video published by ‘Kip Guidry’, he has shown how to effectively farm in the early game and get your first core item as early as within 9 minutes.



Having the items early, you will surely have a great time roaming around and finding kills or ganks that will lead you to more gold and possibly the game.

Source: Kip Guidry


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