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GEST IDC April Gets Under Way

SkyRaker on 2013-04-20

GEST IDC April Gets Under Way


The games will begin at 12:00 (noon) SGT and all games will be played throughout the day. GEST IDC starts of today without the previous runners-up, MiTH-Trust.


Source: Gosugamers

The tournament follows the double elimination format. 


The teams that are participating in the GEST IDC April are as follows:

PHILIPPINES Pacific Revitalize
PHILIPPINES Noypi Willgates


Source: Gosugamers


The first round have all been completed but the second round in the losers brackets are yet to reveal who will qualify into the semi-finals. Currently, THAILAND Qu are facing THAILAND iDeal.GIGABYTE whilst PHILIPPINES Pacific Revitalize are playing against PHILIPPINES Noypi Willgates in the quarter-finals. In the Winner brackets, PHILIPPINES Olympians versus PHILIPPINES iZONE.GIGABYTE to progress into the finals of the GEST IDC tournament. 


MiTH-Trust are not participating in this event as Dota is slowly losing ground in the competitive scene except for Malaysia where Sendri Mutiara Media is still continuing to host their tournament known as the SMM Qualifiers to progress later in the year into the SMM Grand Finals with a large prize pool. There are rumors that Sendri Mutiara Media might follow the trend and move onto Dota 2 with everyone else. 


To a shocking surprise, BeyondTheSummit will not be streaming this event for there own reasons. Fortunately, CGnetworkTV are broadcasting the games live. You may also follow the brackets, here

Source: GEST IDC


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