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'BarbiePrime' Lee Yu Ra: "Please think of me as a professional gamer, not a female gamer"

RGN on 2013-04-19

'BarbiePrime' Lee Yu Ra: "Please think of me as a professional gamer, not a female gamer"



When eSports leagues first began, there were male league and female league like all other professional sports. But recently, there is no separation of male&female league, but just professional eSports league.

Female gamers like Kim, Ka Eul (Currently, manager of Samsung Khan), Lee, Hyun Ju (Currently, caster of Gom TV), Seo, Ji Su, Yom, Seon Hee, and Lee, Jong Mi had competed with male gamers, and now Kim, Ga Young and Kim, Si Yoon has all been playing on StarCraft2 league with all other male players.

A formal flight attendent and a soccer player when she was young, the beautiful female professional gamer 'BarbiePrime' Lee, Yu Ra has announced to challenge for the StarCraft2 League. She hasreceived a lot of attention from many fans by her sudden appearance in the GSTL league roaster. Inven had an interview her to understand more about her dream, aims and passion as a professional StarCraft2 gamer.

inven: Hi, please say hello to inven readers and fans.

Barbieprime: Hi everyone, it is nice to see you guys. I’m a newbie of prime team, ‘Barbieprime’, Lee, Yu Ra.

inven: When was your first time playing StarCraft2?

Barbieprime: I have played StarCraft since highschool, and started StarCraft2 after deciding to be a professional gamer since 1st Jan 2013. It has since been about 4 months.


inven: Why do you want to be a professional gamer?

Barbieprime: I have been playing with Mr. Park, Oe Sik (Manager of team) from time to time at PC cafes. In the meantime, Mr. Park asked me to be a serious professional gamer. I thought about it, and it seemed interesting and so, I quit my job at that time and joined the team after serious consideration.


inven: What did you do before becoming a professional gamer?

Barbieprime: I was a flight attendant.

inven: Are there other games that you’re enjoy other than the StarCraft series?

Barbieprime: My personality is like this: When I get into one thing, I only focus on it. In game, it was the starcraft series.


inven: In the case of StarCraft2, there are not many female gamers. What does your family and friends think?

Barbieprime: At the beginning after deciding to be a professional gamer, I was worried about that my parents and my older sister would potentially think negatively of my new job but it was great to hear my father saying, "People have to do what they like. I will support your decision." I would like to say thanks to my father and my older sister’s job is a makeup artist, and she is taking care of me when I have events. (Laugh)


inven: Why did you choose the Protoss race?

Barbieprime: I played Terran in StarCraft but as time went by, suddenly Protoss units were looking fancy to me so I changed the race, and the decision at that time was continued to StarCraft2.


inven: Which race do you feel comfortable when you meet them as your opponents?

Barbieprime: I know my skills are not matured yet but anyhow I prefer Protoss to be my opponent. In the case of Zerg, infestor and mutalisk are too stong. Terran is difficult too. (Smile)


inven: Did you watch the first female vs female match in StarCraft2 by Kim, Ka Young and Kim, Si Yoon? When can we watch your debut match?

Barbieprime: Yes, I watched the match live. They were so good. Maybe, when my manager think I’m ready, I will have a debut match in the near future? 


inven: There was a dog that received many attention during the March 30th match. Please, introduce the Prime Dog.

Barbieprime: Her name is ‘Barbie’. Actually it is really my dog. I have been raising her for 3 years. At home, she is alone mostof the time as my family members all have day jobs. I feel sorry about and asked my team manager and team members to allow me to take care of her in the team office and they agreed.


inven: How has the team mood changed after a female player has join? 
Barbieprime: I do not think things have changed. Team members did not give me any special care as a female gamer. On the contrary, I give them dance music when they win and sad ballad when they lose on the way back to the team house.


inven: Are there any difficulties with life at the team house?

Barbieprime: I am familiar to the team house concept since I was a soccer player when I was young. Nothing uncomfortable, commuting from 11am to 11pm for practice.


inven: Do you have hard time to adapting to the team. Who is the team member taking care of you the most?

Barbieprime: When I first joined the team, I was worried how to be friendly with my team members but anyhow, time was the best solution. Now, we’re all good friends.


inven: Who do you think will be your toughest rival between Kim, Ka Young and Kim, Si Yoon?


Barbieprime: I’m not yet ready to be compared to both of them. I hope fans will decide later.



inven: What is your goal as a female professional gamer?

Barbieprime: I have a big dream but I will announce it in the future. (Smile) My short term goal is to have enough skill to compete with my team members.


inven: Thanks for your time. Please, tell us if you have something you’d like to share with us?

Barbieprime: Well… I am Barbie Prime and I am trying my best to be a well skilled professional gamer. Please, support me and my team. Thanks.


Source: inven


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