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Ars-Art claims first trophy since leaving Na’Vi

Nic on 2013-04-02

Ars-Art claims first trophy since leaving Na’Vi



An epic 5 game series was certainly a fitting end after months of competition throughout The Defense 3. Organized by joinDota, Roccat and, the event has concluded and saw RUSSIAVirtus.Pro emerge as champions.


Ars-Art’s addition was indeed a blessing for RUSSIAVirtus.Pro. His consistent play in the support role helped his team escape with the narrow victory and crushed euroFnatic.EU’s dreams of winning the title. Early on, it seemed that the Russians were going to cruise to victory as they took an early 2-0 lead against euroFnatic.EU but Trixi and friends had other ideas and fought back to level the best-of-five series 2-2.


Game 5 was an all or nothing for both teams. euroFnatic.EU opted to go with an unusual Broodmother pick alongside Phantom Lancer while RUSSIAVirtus.Pro stuck with the standard European carry Gyrocopter.


The turning point of this game was the crucial Aegis of the Immortal pickup by Gyrocopter at the 29 minute mark that gave them the courage to force a clash in the top lane which turned out in their favour eventually.


This long event rewarded its champions with $10,000 while euroFnatic.EU had to settle for $5000 while USATeam Dignitas and USATeam Liquid won $3,500 and $1,500 respectively.


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    glhf lol i love RGN

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    Thats Still a lot of money

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    @1st comment - We Love you too :)

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