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Julz, Wootz, and JoJero returns with MSI-EvoGT.TnC

Nic on 2013-06-06

Julz, Wootz, and JoJero returns with MSI-EvoGT.TnC



With weeks of uncertainty with regards to the current state of players in the Philippine Dota 2 scene, finally! MSI has clear the sky for the rumors and announces it's new official roster together with other team transaction.


Just moments ago, MSI-EvoGT.TnC has shocked the Ph. community with its announcement of its official roster. By means of their facebook page, the team officially welcome the return of 3 former HappyFeet members, PHILIPPINESJulz, PHILIPPINESWootz, and PHILIPPINESLittle John.


Alongside this announcement, is the details of the current state of their former players. 3 of their former Players, PHILIPPINESJessieVash, PHILIPPINESEjhay, and PHILIPPINESDjardel has been officially released from the team making them one of the numerous free agents that is still up for grabs. While in replace of Julz, PHILIPPINESRyo the former carry of MSI will be joining PHILIPPINESBigDogJ and PHILIPPINESDreamz in the following tournaments. 


Statement from PHILIPPINESMSI-EvoGT.TnC:

"MSI-EvoGT DOTA 2 team has been under performing and seem to have lost the drive and winning mentality that we used to have in our Kimo led squads. Releasing our players was not an easy decision but we believe that this move is in the best interest of the organization. We felt that we needed to revamp the roster and sign a leader that can help bring us back to the top that's why we signed Wootz. He is a proven leader and had numerous achievements as a captain of Mineski and we feel that our team's future will be safe in his hands. Luckily we got in contact with Dreamz to agree on a trade that will bring Julz to our squad and we decided to sign John as well to try and bring back the magic of the old Mineski Roster that brought ph a lot of championships. With regards to the two remaining slots, we will let them decide on who to pick. To all the MSI-EvoGT fan out there! I hope your happy with our new roster and wish us luck in our future tournaments"


MSI-EvoGT.TnC Roster:


PHILIPPINESJulius 'Julz' Deleon

PHILIPPINESKenneth 'Wootz' Valdez

PHILIPPINESJohn 'JoJero' Roxas


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