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Brax : "Our loss at G-League was more of an eye opener."

Warturtle on 2013-03-15

Brax : "Our loss at G-League was more of an eye opener."




Soon after their defeat at G-League, Braxton 'Brax' Paulson, from InternationalLGD.Int, saw down for an interview with GosuGamers. In it, the Canadian spoke about the mistakes made by InternationalLGD.Int and gave an insight into G-League as well as Chinese eSports in general.

Speaking about the G-League Final they played against CHINAiG, Brax said that InternationalLGD.Int had made errors in the drafting phase and also during the laning phase which allowed CHINAiG to take the first two games. About the third game, he felt that that their success came from the Lycanthrope pick, something which the team had practiced before with much success.



In the fourth game, InternationalLGD.Int was looking to enter CHINAiG’s base with minimum risk since they were aware that CHINAiG had buybacks on all their heroes. However, Brax acknowledged that bacause of this, they had played too passively and they could have won the game had they decided to “go inside CHINAiG's base instead of wasting two Aegis outside their base.” As such, Brax quipped: “Our defeat at G-League was definitely deserved.”

When prompted about the state of eSports in China, Brax said that gaming was not just a hobby for Chinese players - it was a job to them, their bread and butter. Hence, “the players in China train themselves like robots,” said Brax. He later likened the atmosphere of LAN events in China to baseball matches in America.

In the short span of six months they had spent training in China, InternationalLGD.Int have climbed to the peak of Chinese DOTA and even though their defeat at G-League revealed weaknesses in their play, it was a lesson learnt nonetheless. Time will tell if their experience in China will pay off in future tournaments.


Brax’s Interview :


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