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US$130,000 Chaos Online (Korean DOTA) Tournament

RGN on 2013-05-29

US$130,000 Chaos Online (Korean DOTA) Tournament



Thai game publishers, Asiasoft and PlayCybergames (PCG) have officially announced a new MOBA game, “Chaos Online” known to some as the Korean DOTA. Chaos Online is officially available for players in 7 countries including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Burma, Philippines and Vietnam. Gamers from these 7 countries can play together and PCG has also revealed one of the biggest prize pool in South East Asia eSports tournament with the  "Chaos Online SEA Championship" having a prize pool of 4,000,000 baht (~USD$130,000)


Mr. Kittipong Prueksaaroon,Deputy Managing Director of Asiasoft


“Currently the MOBA games market has the biggest potential and Asiasoft being the leader of the online gaming market in Thailand has decided to take this new opportunity to debut a MOBA game by partnering with PlayCybergames (PCG), the pioneer and specialist of the MOBA scene in Thailand. PCG are the people who successfully build the DotA community in Thailand. Chaos Online is a new MOBA game that will open regionally with 7 countries in South East Asia. This is a great opportunity to take Thailand eSports to a International level”


Mr.Pipat Rungruang,CEO of PCG and Mr. Kittipong Prueksaaroon,Dupety Managing Director of Asiasoft 


Chaos Online is a unique genre of MOBA games with lots of interesting features that are different from other MOBA games. This game has a unique design and gameplay that focuses on an aggressive hero killing playstyle. The Heroes in Chaos Online will be split in two factions and players can by item ANYWHERE, there are no observer wards and a very fast pace game. The developers feels that these features will make players excited and provide a MOBA game experience that is completely different from any other MOBA Games

For gamers who are interested in the Chaos Online tournament, you can get latest information at and


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