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Smoke of Defeat Recap

RGN on 2013-01-28

After two days and 127 matches of intense competition, Eosin + 4 emerged victorious from among 128 teams to be crowned as champions of the first DOTA 2 tournament organized by DotaCinema. All the games were played in a single elimination knockout format with the exception of the semi-finals and finals being a best of three games format.



There were many top European and North American teams competing and we even saw DotaCinema’s very own Neil in action with his team 4 girls one cup. However, they were unable to make much of an impact as they were eliminated in the first round by Greevil Evil Geniusses.


In the end, Eosin + 4 were able to rise to the top and separate themselves from the competition and grab the prize of 5 Golden Greevils. They managed to beat some top teams during the course of the tournament including Pain Gaming, a well-known team from Brazil. Eosin + 4 continued their dominant ways and crushed all their opponents to book their place in the Grand Finals.


Freeway was able to join Eosin + 4 in the Grand Finals, which was casted by SUNSfan and Reaves and drew the attention of 4000 viewers. Both teams were tied at 1-1 in the best of three Grand Finals. However, in the third and decisive game, Eosin + 4 were able to gain a 2-0 advantage and defeated Freeway and claimed the Championship at the first Smoke of Defeat Tournament.


Smoke of Defeat Brackets:

Smoke of Defeat Finals:


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