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PMS Asterisk* to visit the Philippines!

Nic on 2013-04-06

SINGAPOREPMS Asterisk* to visit the Philippines!


SINGAPOREPMS Asterisk*, the famous all-girl Singaporean DOTA 2 team will showcase their talents in the Philippines competing against Filipino top teams. SINGAPOREPMS is known in the South-East Asia DOTA scene because of their competitive spirit and gorgeous gaming.


FurryFish, Pinkle, Eliza, Cynthia, Kimchi, and Ginny make up the main roster for SINGAPOREPMS. It has been a while since the community has seen them compete together largely due to different personal commitments.



Pinoy Gaming Festival (PGF) 2013 Summer Assembly just got more exciting with the reunion of this team. At the moment, SINGAPOREPMS has confirmed that four of them are sure to be in the Philippines while Kimchi and Ginny are still trying to make arrangements to be able to attend the PGF Summer Assembly.


Team leader, Tammy Tang had this to say to their fans in the Philippines:


Asterisk* has wanted to attend PGF for many years but somehow, something always happened that didn't allow us to travel there. This time, we're glad to finally be able to visit the Philippines because we have so many fans there who we want to meet very much! We're also looking forward to meeting our sister team PHILIPPINESPMSki* and the other active female DOTA teams there. We'd also like to thank our sponsors SteelSeries and Alienware for supporting us for this event and making our wishes come true.”


SINGAPOREPMS Asterisk* is the first international team that has been invited to join the PGF Summer Assembly in Manila, Philippines which is scheduled from 11 - 12 May at SM Cyberzone, North Edsa. Fans can expect a couple more teams from the South-East Asian region to participate in this event. 

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