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It’s Status Quo: Flash.Rev at PX #10

Reuben Soh on 2013-04-07

It’s Status Quo: Flash.Rev at PX #10



Revenant, Singapore’s most decorated StarCraft 2 player in Wings of Liberty (WoL), has returned to the competitive scene after taking some time out to fulfill his NS obligations. Playing in his first Heart of the Swarm (HotS) tournament, the Zerg player wasted little time in reasserting his dominance in the sport by clearing out the competition at PX weekly #10.


“It was great! I didn’t let myself down as I knew this was my debut HotS tournament,” remarks the captain of the Flash StarCraft 2 team, “this was a tournament that [I felt] would indicate if I’m as capable in HotS [as I was back in WoL].” Having to take out several top players, namely the country’s next biggest talent Eve.Yekke and teammate Drake, enroute to the Final, the 2012 WCS Champion had his work cut out for him. Despite the testing journey, the PX #10 winner didn’t have to break much of a sweat in the Final match up.


“Well my Final game was a rather short one as my opponent executed a speedling all-in on me,” he recounts, “holding speedling all-ins was one of my expertise during the HotS Beta as many people just wanted free wins on ladder against greedy players, so I felt very comfortable taking it.”


Playing as Zerg, Rev is all too aware of the complaints surrounding the imbalances of certain races. However, as experienced as he is, the pro-gamer is much happier experimenting with new units and playing the game as opposed to being fixated on the problem of balance. “The [new] units are really enjoyable to watch and utilize! There’s a lot more space-control units, which feels more StarCraft-ish and there’s a lot more chess-like movements.”


Admitting that he enjoys the expansion a lot more than the first iteration, WoL, Revenant, found that his play could still use a lot more polish. “I’ve practiced for like five hours a week here and there and I think I’ve improved slowly but surely,” he pointed out, “I’ve not yet made the best improvements but I still feel that I’m growing.”


With his next big tournament, the HotS SEACL Cup, coming up later this month, his fans can rest assure that this RTS enthusiast will be hard at work brushing up on his builds and execution. Stating that he will probably be facing a team whom he considers the best in Australia at the moment, Nv GameConn, Rev promises that he won’t let up.


“Be sure to watch out for me since this year I’ll be trying my best to perform better than I’ve ever did before! So keep a close look out!”


For more information on Flash.Revenant and his upcoming exploits at the SEACL Cup, keep tabs on the official Flash eSports Facebook page at 

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