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G-1: DK outlasts to stay alive

Hamodi on 2013-04-11

DK outlasts to stay alive and CHINATeam DK were looking to stay alive and grab the final spot at the LAN event. The winner between the two will face SINGAPOREZenith in the next round for a chance to grab the last spot, along with CHINAInvictus Gaming, MALAYSIAOrange.Neolution Esports and


Game 1 were able to get the lineup that they felt comfortable with, a fast-paced hero combination that can easily take down towers and apply pressure on the opposing team during the early stages of the game; while CHINADK continued with their 4-protect-1 lineup, this time with an Alchemist.


CHINADK got a first blood on the solo Puck right off the bat while immediately got a return kill on the solo Queen of Pain at the top lane with a questionable choice leveling Shadow Poison at level 1 that gave the chance to easily kill her and take down the tier-1 tower 2 minutes into the game. Keeper of the Light decided to rotate to the top lane to slow down the pace of


CHINADK would later on get a few more kills following an over-extension by Chen, killing Puck at the bottom lane after a gank by Beastmaster and also catching Leshrac near the Roshan pit. were out-farming CHINADK as they had a great start with their tri-lane, and Brax with his Lone Druid was also in control of the middle lane. The advantage mounted up as managed to take down four towers within 17 minutes while CHINADK coud not take any at all.


By the 21 minute mark, took down Roshan with Puck sacrificing her life to buy the team enough time to get the Aegis of the Immortal.


But CHINADK later would claim their first tower kill at the bottom lane at the cost of Shadow Demon and Queen of Pain. took down all of CHINADK's outer towers by 23 minutes without much resistance coming out from BurNing and co.


By 27 minutes tried to take down the middle barracks, they were able to chip away a huge chunk of life from the tower that later on forced CHINADK to deny it and patiently fell back and secured their second Aegis of the Immortal before pushing into the middle lane once again, which lead to a huge team fight which saw CHINADK coming out on top, killing three heroes and forcing the Aegis of the Immortal to be triggered. Carrying on the momentum, CHINADK quickly took down both tier-1 and tier-2 towers on the middle lane.



After that both teams simply resorted to being passive and accumulating farm on their carries as they were hesitant on engaging as one simple mistake might cost the game. However,the stalemate seemd to favour CHINADK as BurNing managed to get the best out of his Alchemist, finishing all of his core items. By 45 minutes a huge team fight burst out in the Roshan pit that lead to a four-man kill for CHINADK on the back of an over-farmed Alchemist, forcing to use buybacks on all four heroes, with Lycanthope being able to get away with an Aegis of the Immortal and Cheese. Feeling confident, CHINADK immediately rallied on a push onto the middle lane. Despite the advantage granted by the Cheese and the Aegis of the Immortal, still found it impossible to deal with the killing-machine Alchemist; calling out the ‘GG’ a few minutes later.


Game 2 went for an all-rounded line-up with Shadow Fiend and Tinker pick-ups while CHINADK decided to go for a more push-oriented line up, with Dragon Knight and Juggernaut for their dual-core carry.


The game started out in favour of the Chinese as they were winning against's aggressive tri-lane, while both Magnus and Dragon Knight were having a decent time versus Tinker and Shadow Fiend, respectively.


CHINADK decided to make the first move as Magnus attempted a gank in the middle lane 5 minutes into the game catching Shadow Fiend off-guard, which gave CHINADK the first blood and the early momentum that Super really needs.


Realizing their tri-lane was not working out as intended, 1437 and MiSeRy started to rotate around the map and managed to net the first kill for before returning to the bottom lane for another kill on Juggernaut. Tinker bought his Boots of Travel 10 minutes into the game despite getting picked off once by Dragon Knight and Magnus.


By the 13 minute mark, CHINADK scored a pick-off on the supports of that eventually gave them a free tower kill in the middle lane. Meanwhile were still struggling to find any opening for themselves, as G opting for an unusual skill build on Tinker, maxing out Laser and Heat-seeking Missiles instead of March of the Machine.


However, as the game progressed, slowly picked up the pace as they managed to get a few pick-offs of their own, and was even really close to killing off Dragon Knight and a flying courier that had a Mithril Hammer and Black King Bar recipe that would have severely delayed CHINADK’s game plan.


By 27 minutes CHINADK took down all of's outer towers, while could only take down 1, due to the counter-pushing power coming from the Keeper of the Light and CHINADK’s timely reaction to defend their towers. bitterly secured the Aegis of the Immortal 36 minutes into the game as they had to give away the lives of Nyx Assassin and Mirana that eventually allowed CHINADK to take down the middle barracks uncontested.



By the 41 minute mark, CHINADK would get their second set of barracks and could not do anything about it, made a final attempt initiating on CHINADK after the barracks were brought down but unfortunately CHINADK was just too farmed up, crushing down with force, which lead to multiple buybacks on the side of went on a bloodthirst as they desperately hunted down Shadow Shaman and attempted to bring down Dragon Knight yet in vain which subsquently lead to their death and CHINADK claimed the best-of-3 series in a convincing fashion.



11th April - SINGAPOREZenith vs CHINADK


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