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3 of the best DragonNest SEA teams meet in Singapore

RGN on 2013-04-12

3 of the best DragonNest SEA teams meet in Singapore



After qualifiying from their countries, the top 3 DragonNest teams of Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines will play out the grand finals tomorrow at the Singapore Alienware Arena.


These top 3 teams will playoff in the following tournament format to decide who is the king of DragonNest in South East Asia (SEA)

  • Item & Show HP OFF, No Late Join, Compensation Enabled
  • Kill or Fall Mode (5V5) – Windy Arena
  • Rounds Mode (3v3) – 3 Rounds, Lost Temple & West Village Only
  • Best of 5 Matches with match rotation as follows:
    • 5v5 KOF -> 3v3 Rounds Mode -> 5v5 KOF -> 3v3 Rounds Mode -> 5v5 KOF
  • Winning Condition – First Team to Win 3 matches


Prizes of the grand finals

  • Champion: $5000 cash + TteSports Level 10M Gaming Mouse (White) + TteSports Ladon Gaming Mouse Pad
  • 2nd Place: $3000 cash + TteSports Black Element Gaming ouse + TteSports Ladon Gaming Mouse Pad
  • 3rd Place: $2000 cash + TteSports Black Gaming Mouse








The full schedule of tomorrow's event

10am – 11am :       Registration

11am – 11.45am:    Fringe event (1v1 public match against SG guest player Siva)

11.45am – 12nn:     Opening introduction of Alienware Arena Season 2 PVP Tournament

12nn – 1pm:           PHILIPPINESSuffix II vs MALAYSIAMad.Sia

1pm – 2pm:            Fringe event (1v1 public match against MY guest player Bernard Lau)

2pm – 3pm:            MALAYSIAMad.Sia vs SINGAPOREMad.JpL

3pm – 4pm:            Fringe event (3v3 public match against guest players Siva, Bernard and 


4pm – 5pm:            PHILIPPINESSuffix II vs SINGAPOREMad.JpL

5pm – 6pm:            Lucky Draw presentation/ Draw match

6pm – 7pm:            Prize presentation

Source: Cherry Credits


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