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G-1: DK crushes Zenith to secure final spot at the G-1 LAN Finals

Hamodi on 2013-04-12

DK crushes Zenith to secure final spot at the G-1 LAN Finals



Both teams came into this match looking to take the final spot at the G-1 Champions League LAN Finals with CHINADK fresh from their win over InternationalLGD.Int earlier. They had one last obstacle in SINGAPOREZenith in order to join CHINAiG, MALAYSIAOrange.Neolution Esports and who have already secured their tickets to the LAN Finals.


Game 1


Both teams engaged in a team fight right off the bat in the Radiant jungle which saw SINGAPOREZenith get an early advantage by killing Kunkka and Nyx Assassin in exchange for Dragon Knight. Settling into the laning phase, the two supports of CHINADK rotated to the top lane forcing Batrider to leave the lane and farm in their jungle instead.


As both teams concentrated on farming, the game only woke up when Kunkka tried to gank Morphling 11 minutes into the game but saw Sven in the jungle and ended up killing him instead with the help of Weaver. CHINADK would later get the kill off the free-farming Morphling. Meanwhile, SINGAPOREZenith tried to take the middle tier-1 tower but unfortunately CHINADK defended it well which led to a three-hero massacre allowing CHINADK to gradually take control of the game, getting pick-offs all over the map. SINGAPOREZenith, clearly aware of the deficit, instantly retreated whenever CHINADK’s heroes went missing on the map. Batrider tried to disrupt CHINADK to allow Morphling a little bit more of room to farm by constantly presenting himself in the top lane, chipping off a little bit of the tier-2 tower’s hit points.


At the 21 minute mark, CHINADK smoked up and went to the Radiant jungle and was able to kill three of SINGAPOREZenith's heroes. SINGAPOREZenith would later smoke up themselves to try and pick off Queen of Pain in the middle lane but her teammates were ready with backup which led to two SINGAPOREZenith deaths. CHINADK would secure the Aegis of the Immortal a few minutes later to compound matters.


After 39 minutes, CHINADK had taken down all of SINGAPOREZenith's outer towers, whereas SINGAPOREZenith had only taken down 2 towers. Feeling confident, CHINADK grouped up and secured the Aegis of the Immortal again shortly after. With Dragon Knight severely under-farmed, SINGAPOREZenith was forced to rely heavily on Morphling but he opted for the more defensive build of Linken's Sphere, Black King Bar and Eye of Skadi.


At the 43 minute mark, CHINADK took down the bottom barracks easily after picking off the helpless Dragon Knight. SINGAPOREZenith immediately engaged after Dragon Knight respawned and impressively got a team wipe on the back of Morphling. Both teams slowed down the pace and continued to farm while waiting for Roshan to respawn a third time.



At the 50 minute mark, SINGAPOREZenith smoked up and immediately went to the Roshan pit to challenge CHINADK but unfortunately CHINADK just outplayed them after SINGAPOREZenith initiated and ending up wiping out SINGAPOREZenith's entire lineup leaving the Aegis of the Immortal and Cheese for CHINADK and proceeded to push down the middle lane. SINGAPOREZenith was able to get a quick pick-off on Queen of Pain but at a heavy price as three of their heroes and the middle barracks went down. SINGAPOREZenith would later call out "GG" after giving up a few more kills and losing the top barracks giving CHINADK a 1-0 series lead.


Game 2


SINGAPOREZenith went for an unusual Axe and Warlock combination pick with a possible plan of trying to interrupt the creepwaves on CHINADK's trilane. While CHINADK got their hands on Magnus, Nyx Assassin and BurNing's signature Anti-Mage.


The start of Game 2 was similar to Game 1 as both teams immediately engaged in a 3v3 team fight which saw Anti-Mage get first blood off Warlock. With the bad start that SINGAPOREZenith had, their aggressive tri-lane of Axe, Chen and Warlock was forced to farm in the Radiant’s jungle.


After 6 minutes, CHINADK decided to disrupt SINGAPOREZenith’s gameplan once again as they targeted SINGAPOREZenith's jungling trio, killing both support heroes. After 11 minutes, Queen of Pain rotated to bottom lane and SINGAPOREZenith was able to kill both CHINADK support heroes while Anti-Mage would help CHINADK get their second tower deny of the game after earlier denying the bottom tier-1 tower.


SINGAPOREZenith secured the Aegis of the Immortal after 17 minute minutes and CHINADK immediately engaged with Clockwerk’s Hookshot and got a 3 for 3 hero trade. Overall it was a decent trade for CHINADK because Queen of Pain was forced to buyback despite having the Aegis of the Immortal which delayed her Orchid of Malevolence even further.


Even with SINGAPOREZenith having better map control after taking down all of CHINADK's outer towers after 24 minutes, Anti-Mage was getting farmed up to the point where SINGAPOREZenith could not handle him anymore. 28 minutes into the game, SINGAPOREZenith would secure their second Aegis of the Immortal of the game but lost two of their teir-1 towers doing so. SINGAPOREZenith decided to push the middle lane after 31 minutes but unfortunately failed to do so and had to pay for the lives of Axe, Lone Druid and Chen.



CHINADK decided to finish the game off 32 minutes into the game after catching Lone Druid in the Dire jungle and killing him off easily and proceeded to take down both the middle and top barracks to unleash mega creeps for CHINADK as SINGAPOREZenith did not even try to defend. SINGAPOREZenith would later accept defeat, calling out 'GG' 37 minutes into the game. CHINADK took the series 2-0, thus booking their place in the LAN Finals of the G-1 Champions League, along with, CHINAiG and MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs.


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