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Na`Vi' moves into Starcraft merging with FXOpen

RGN on 2013-04-10

Na`Vi' moves into Starcraft merging with FXOpen


Photo Credit: Na`Vi' Facebook

FXOpen e-Sports will now be known as Natus Vincere as the two organizations have finally come to a conclusion to merge and brand the StarcraftII squad under the famous Na`Vi' umbrella.

This move not only involves the players but the entire management team and even a caster!

Na`Vi' and FXOpen believes that this move will enhance results on both sides and make bigger developments into the StarcraftII division.


Na`Vi' StarcraftII roster:






RUSSIAzOo (Director)

RUSSIAFairon (Manager)

UKRAINEHireling (Shoutcaster)


Na`Vi's manager of SC2-division, Artem "Fairon" Bykov, provided the following statement on their official website:


“I'm really happy to be a part of Natus Vincere along with the players. Both teams are famous for their professionalism and friendly atmosphere. That's why I have no doubt that together we will reach for the stars and great victories. Besides all the big opportunities that we now have, it's worth mentioning that from now on, all of our matches will be broadcasted by one of the best casters in CIS - Na`Vi.Hireling, so that our Russian-speaking fans will always be able to enjoy the streams too. Please, support our team and follow the updates at, as well as on the social networks.”


Source: Na`Vi's official website 


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