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Jungling Dazzle with multiple couriers

Nic on 2013-04-12

Jungling Dazzle with multiple couriers


For a support hero, it is a must for you to buy those Sentry and Observer Wards as well as Smokes of Deceit for the team but given that your team's 3 carries are farming all lanes, how will you be able to farm gold out of nothing? Simple answer; you jungle it!


This video produced by UKRAINENatus Vincere will show how each support can farm in the jungle in a most unusual way. 



No your eyes are not deceiving you; Dazzle really bought multiple couriers to use to farm in his Jungle. It was also detailed that once the support hero was level 6 and farmed 1,300 gold after 6 minutes, you would have enough to buy Observer and Sentry Wards for dewarding purposes and Smoke of Deceit to gank other lanes.


UKRAINENatus Vincere DOTA 2 captain Clement ‘Puppey’ Imanov.


UKRAINENa’Vi also is known for its excellent Jungling captain Clement ‘Puppey’ Imanov. Puppey, is well known for his Chen, Enchantress and even Lycan. With this video, is it possible then for us to see Puppey executing this in an official tournament game?


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  1. gravatar

    Nc puppey i know to play proper skill from Dazzle Zap!!1

  2. gravatar

    Puppey is very intelligent when it comes to jungling.

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