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Connection problems gift victory to Orange Esports CS:GO

RGN on 2013-04-08

Connection problems gift victory to Orange Esports CS:GO



Defending Asian Cyber Games (ACG) champions PHILIPPINESSmackdown surrendered to MALAYSIAOrange Esports in Episode 4 of the Orange Esports CS:GO Asia Challenge Season 1.



This was a repeat showdown of two teams from last year's grand Final in Malaysia which saw PHILIPPINESSmackdown upset MALAYSIAOrange Esports in front of their home fans.


Team Lineup


MALAYSIAOrange Esports 

  1. ROS
  2. Rwa
  3. Fufffffyy
  4. k1ngz
  5. areel


  1. john
  2. ownage
  3. wuzz,
  4. kangji
  5. celes7ial


Game 1 - De_Train: MALAYSIAOrange Esports 16 – 14 PHILIPPINESSmackdown


In the first half, MALAYSIAOrange Esports started out well, winning the pistol round and the important 4th gun round to get a 5-0 lead. PHILIPPINESSmackdown playing as Terrorists focused on the outer bombsite and managed to recover on the back of 4 consecutive rounds to reduce the deficit with the first half ending 9-6 in favour to MALAYSIAOrange Esports.


In the second half, PHILIPPINESSmackdown, playing as Counter-Terrorists, won the first pistol round and subsequently the next 2 eco-rounds to bring the overall score to a 9:9 tie. The crucial 4th round gun round was snagged by PHILIPPINESSmackdown but MALAYSIAOrange Esports was too strong and clawed back to close the gap back to 10:11 in favour of  PHILIPPINESSmackdown. Rwa & Areel from MALAYSIAOrange Esports put up clutch plays and allowed them to take De_Train with a score of 16:14.



Game 2 – De_Dust2: MALAYSIAOrange Esports 9 –6 PHILIPPINESSmackdown (Only first half)


PHILIPPINESSmackdown executed a quick inner-bombsite rush to plant the c4 but MALAYSIAOrange grouped up and retook the bombsite to win the first pistol round. PHILIPPINESSmackdown decided not to eco in the 3rd  round and it paid off, closing the score to 2:1 in MALAYSIAOrange Esports' favour. Both teams were constantly trading rounds but the first half ended with MALAYSIAOrange Esports leading 9:6.


The second half was abandoned as PHILIPPINESSmackdown was facing too many connection issues and decided to raise the white flag, giving MALAYSIAOrange Esports the victory and the US$100 cash prize.



This will be Orange Esports 4th consecutive victory at the Orange Esports CS:GO Asia Challenge!


If you missed the broadcast, watch out for the VOD at the RGN youtube channel:


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